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I’ve never been a fan of any iOS or android game, and this has never really bothered me. Personally I don’t believe any worthwhile game will be created on the mobile platform, because developers aren’t taking any risks, they’re are simply taking the basics of games that have done well in the past and then changing the mechanics and adding extras, in turn ruining the game even more. I thought I would give Koozac a try and see if my thoughts would change, yet after playing, my thoughts on the mobile games industry stayed the same.

As I started to play Koozac, developed by SPL, my suspicions of developers changing the mechanics of old games were confirmed. To put the game in short, you have to pile dropping blocks up to a target number which is presented at the top left of the screen, and unfortunately, there is little more to it than that. There are starting silver blocks, which gain in number and amount and the amount of blocks which start gain the higher the level you are on.These blocks have to be ridden by adding numbers to them to reach the amount wanted. Falling blocks are in various colours, whereas the starting blocks are grey in order to be easily identified. Linking the same coloured blocks gave me a higher bonus when I reached the score needed. I honestly didn’t find a point to gain a high score, as all I needed to do to complete each level, was wipe out the starting silver blocks.

I believe in order to make the game more interesting,the developers, gave Koozac speed falling when you slide down a column or by double tapping it but it really just sped up the falling speed of a falling block which in turn sped up the game, nothing special. Another supposedly fun extra the game has is the use of boosts, but these have to be bought with in-game coins. The coins take a while to build up and I found I was nearly on level 4, after doing all the sublevels of 1,2 and 3, before I had enough coins to purchase any of the 5 upgrades from the boost menu. In my opinion the boosts are extremely arbitrary and don’t add any real depth to Koozac.

These upgrades can be used to slowdown the game for a period of time, even though the game is slow as it is, points multiplier,for players that want high scores, even though again it doesn’t gain you anything, hints which suggest your next possible move, for those players that can’t do simple addition themselves, match them all which automatically creates the best combination for you which again seems needless and the last upgrade being side by side, which adds the blocks together side by side, which again seems pointless to me. SPL have also made it available for players to purchase these upgrades with real currency, I find that this spoils the little point there already is of saving coins up in-game and it also means players are completely wasting their money, especially after already purchasing the game…pointlessly.

The first mode I played on Koozac was on the puzzle mode, but soon after I got bored I discovered two other modes, which didn’t increase my enthusiasm for the game but in turn I gave them a go. These modes are Endless and Blitz, endless is exactly what the name means, there is an endless supply of blocks and target numbers and you have to see how many points you can rack up, this again was extremely unsatisfying and gave no enthusiasm to continue, the Blitz game mode is simply a multiplayer version of the game which allows players to play with their Facebook friends from all over the world, that is if you can find any that play this unsatisfying game.

Another aspect within Koozac which honestly could have been easily improved was the visuals and sounds, both being of a low standard and didn’t help keeping me enthusiastic about playing Koozac. The background was of a very poor standard with one bold colour which at times changed, along with black circles all over it, it’s honestly terrible and it shows how little the developers thought about it. The soundtrack is even worse, with one clip being played over and over again and I found that my phones was consistently on mute whenever I played this game, and again it shows how little time the developers put into the effects of the game. I believe that this is the reason why the game doesn’t entice and draw players in, and certainly doesn’t help to keep them playing.

Overall I think this is a poorly constructed game that fails in almost every part, it’s feels like the developers have taken the much loved Tetris game, and made it worse in every possible way. The games problem solving really challenging and there is no incentive for players to gain high scores as if they remove all the solver blocks from the level they somehow get 3 stars, whether they got 1000 points or 10,000 points. When playing, the game had a rushed feel about it and it seemed if SPL spent more time on it and changed parts of their ideas then perhaps the game could have been better, I hope that if there is a Koozac 2 then they changed a large percentage of the game.

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Hi I'm Rhys, I enjoy playing video games and am not scared to try something new. I play most of my games on the 360, however I'll play a few games on the PC, if my laptop will run it.
  • Ryan T

    The star system in Puzzle mode makes no sense. You either win or lose. Winning gives you 3 stars. I haven’t tested but maybe clearing only some of the silver tiles will yield a lower star count. Either way its pretty easy to progress.