Joe Danger 2: The Movie

7.0 Overall Score

Great fun | Easy to grasp gameplay | Good variety

Story is a bit short | Harder levels become a slog | Very simplistic

Hello Games are by far the happiest gaming developers on the planet. Everything about Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The movie simply screams playfulness, which punctures through the screen and permanently etches a smile on the players face for the durations of each session. With Joe Danger 2, Hello Games have created a fantastically upbeat experience, one which always draws you in despite numerous failures.

This bouncy atmosphere also translates to the core campaign, with Joe being thrown about in a Minecart one minute and struggling to keep his footing whilst skiing away from a large avalanche the next. Each of these different elements plays similar to the others so, beyond a few tweaks, they come naturally to the player when thrown into a completely new vehicle so as to allow the incredibly swift pace to push forward without any pause. You’ll breeze through early tasks using the simplistic controls and you’ll have a great time jumping between each vehicle as this is what Joe Danger excels at; simple challenges mixed up with great variety.

Visually, Joe’s thick-jawed, cartoonish feel is the standard bearer and works brilliantly. Primary colours all over make for a game that is a joy to look at throughout as the scene changes bring about new colours that dictate the entire stage’s atmosphere giving each area a unique style to help keep things fresh and interesting. The yells of “CUT” or “NONONO” really help to keep the player hooked as messing up a scene is much less threatening than dying, so the feel here is on practice makes perfect over die and die until you don’t screw up, which is amplified by the sitcom-esque music that is incredibly unthreatening .The focus on a light, breezy storyline helps the move setting to parody tropes to a degree, though I feel Hello Games could’ve added some small cutscenes to continue the parody to hilarious levels. As they are, it’s simply a small addition that never blossoms.

Unfortunately, Joe Danger falls apart when anything strenuous is asked of the player. Mechanically, it struggles to perform when various challenges, especially in deleted scenes, ask for heavy amounts of inputs during a level. Using the X button to jump over and also duck under obstacles becomes irritating when the challenge ramps up and enemies begin to hinder your progress. Trying to beat levels within set time limits also prove infuriating but ultimately, they are optional. The main story content also feels slightly sparse; though going back for collectables will extend the lifespan.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie is an enjoyable little game that is perfect for quick bursts of fun. It bounces around like a hyperactive child who is great fun to be around but also unfocused and a bit too mad if you’re not in the mood for its style. I wholeheartedly recommend Joe Danger 2: The Movie for anyone who wants a nice, simple game that plays well and doesn’t demand much of the player. It may never challenge the player but the smile Hello Games put on your face is easily worth the entry price.

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