Fieldrunners 2

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Fantastic graphics | Amazing diversity of turrets and levels | Clever AI makes it a great challenge

Some levels are very long | Limiting your turrets can be annoying | More of the game

I do like tower defence games me. My favourite is probably Warcraft 3, as my friends will testify when back in the day whenever someone tried to attack my base, they would be met with at least 15 cannon towers. So when Subatomic Studios announced a sequel on their tower defence hit, I was quite happy. And it most definitely has not disappointed. What we are presented with is an incredibly polished and fun game that I would recommend to anyone who loves this genre.

Poor tanks…

This game takes ideas from almost every tower defence games out there. A number of maps are pretty standard; place towers and kill hundreds of enemies running through the gauntlet in the hopes that they make it to the other side. However, other maps mix it up by adding a kill count you have to reach, or a time limit. You can also unlock items for use in levels, so you can turn back time to correct mistakes, or drop a mine for devastating effect.

Sudden Death rounds encourage slaughtering quickly

The towers themselves aren’t your bog standard affairs either. On top of your standard gun turrets, you have some that throw wasp nests at people, glue the enemies to the ground, and one that can only be described as a Tesla Coil from Red Alert 2…as a use at least. You can even get a tower that is a sheep. Upgrading your turrets is more beneficial than buying a new one and the attention to detail on each level of turret is amazing. There is balance as well, which can be rare in TD games, as each turret has its uses and there is no single turret that is the go-to for every situation. The fact that you only have a maximum of 6 turrets in a round means that your choices are very important.

So many towers to choose from!

The enemies aren’t complete lemmings either. The clones know how to spread out. If one of their own is slowing the rest down, they simply walk/fly around the slow one. If you open an easier gap for the mob to attack from, they will instantly turn around and made a beeline for it. Every enemy gets upgraded as a level gets longer as well, so a standard grunt will die if looked at the wrong way at the start, but will be stronger than most tanks near the later stages. These small changes can even make some levels challenging on the casual level, and are downright hellish if you want the three stars.

And if that wasn’t enough, the game is gorgeous. Playing the PC version shows no indication that this game’s roots is from iOS devices. The game looks crisp and clear at 1920×1080, and the animations are very smooth. The death animations have a sick satisfaction to them as well, with flying enemies crashing and burning gloriously, and clones hitting their heads on turrets if the physics forced them into one. Even the interface feels like it was made for a mouse and keyboard, which made gameplay very familiar in every level. On top of that, the music is great, as are the sounds of death and destruction around it.

Lots of perks and items that you can buy to help in levels

Don’t get me wrong, the game isn’t flawless. Despite the fact that there is amazing variety and replayability, it is no ground-breaking game that will change the way we see the genre, or convince others to join in. A few of the levels are incredibly long as well, with a number of the maps having 60 or more levels. And God forbid if you accidentally press the “Endless” option after clearing one! Finally, the fact that you are limited to 6 types of turrets per level can get annoying at times. There will come a point where you just want all the towers all the time.

Of course you don’t notice these things for a lot of the game. You’re too busy giggling as a Sonic Tower soothes some clones to death, or when a Laser Tower fires a beam through 50 enemies with shattering effect. If you love this genre, get this game. It’s one of the best TD options on the market and you’ll think the same for a long time.

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