Darkstalkers Resurrection

8.5 Overall Score

Immensely playable | Stunning art style | Awesome character roster

Lack of single player content | Not as good without friends | Tutorials go from easy to incredibly hard in no time at all

Capcom are really pushing out new versions of their classic games at a rather speedy rate. Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Marvel vs Capcom: Origins and now, Darkstalkers Resurrection. You may read this cynically, as they’re getting money for old rope but so far I’ve been more than happy to spoil myself with these older games, as I missed them first time. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Darkstalkers is a series that most Western audiences haven’t had a whole load of experience with, so this re-release is the most worthwhile we’ve seen yet. It also helps that it plays like a dream.

Just like Marvel vs Capcom: Origins, there are two games packaged into one downloadable title. Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ revenge and Darkstalkers 3. Now, while both are well worth your time, it’s best to view Night Warriors as more of a curiosity as you’ll be spending most of your time playing Darkstalkers 3. Each game comes with a full set of challenges and tutorials for each character, allowing you to practice advanced set-ups and learn new combos. It’s a great little addition that allows players to actually understand the game, instead of just mashing buttons until something sticks.

The biggest strength of both titles is the amazing cast of characters on display. Each completely unique, save for Lillith and Morrigan, it’s an incredibly animated roster that and each one is a joy to experiment with. The standard Street Fighter archetypes are here, but they all have a slight spin on them making them feel fresher than ever. It’s far more enjoyable to play a character that is, basically, a huge Mummy who plays like a character such as Street Fighter’s Dhalsim, than it is playing Dhalsim. A slightly shallow observation, but the design of each character is so immediately appealing you can’t help being drawn into this colourful world of Vampires and Mermen.

Despite the brilliant tutorials and challenges, the single player is fairly weak, as you’d expect from a 90’s fighting game. It’s worth playing through the arcade mode of each game, if only to get some experience fighting moving foes but that’s about all the single player content you’ll get. The online mode is incredibly smooth, when played on XBL at least, and only one match out of 30 ranked matches was incredibly laggy, all the others were very playable though obviously not perfect. Player matches/local play is the meat of the game, for most. Grab a few like-minded friends, fire up Darkstalkers 3 and put all your combos that you’ve spent hours honing to use and bust up your friends.

Darkstalkers Resurrection is a complete steal for only 1200msp and even casual users will be able to soak in the sumptuous graphics, delightful audio and the easy to grasp gameplay. There is an insane scope once you’ve learned the basics of the game, but you’ll be satisfied with the title even if you only play with some friends and have a few fights every other day. It’s the perfect antidote to the slightly dry Street Fighter series and a game you’ll find yourself coming back to more times than you thought you would. The perfect title for casual fan or fighting game aficionado, check out the demo as soon as possible.

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