3DS eShop delights


The 3DS didn’t get off to the best start. Launch day came and, well, many people weren’t even sure if it was a new console or simply a new version of the DS with a fancy new 3D effect. We were also treated to an E-shop that wasn’t up to scratch in the slightest, as it seemed Nintendo didn’t take it seriously. However, nearly two years after launch, it seems the E-shop is finally up to a decent standard with some awesome games that call the 3DS their home. So here’s my top 3 E-shop delights you should pick up right away.

1. Mighty Switch Force

By far my favourite 3DS game. A weird one to explain gameplay wise but it feels like a Bangai-O game mixed with a Megaman title which is, i’m sure you’ll agree, a fantastic mixture. Broken up in to small sections, each stage features a number of prisoners you must recapture by solving some puzzles that require not just your brain but also demand a skillful hand. The “switch” gimmick sets up some absurdly complex puzzles as things progress and trying to beat each level within the par time is maddeningly difficult. Mighty Switch Force is perfect if you want some bite-sized, challenging gameplay on the go and I recommend it very highly.

2. Pullblox

Intelligent Systems can’t do much wrong, in my eyes. Their main franchises are all fantastic so it’s nice to see them branching to a new IP that is just as fantastic. A simple little game that you, as the name suggests, Pull blocks. It’s much, much harder than you’d expect however. The steady climb towards the top of a structure in later levels requires delicate block pulls so as not to create a total mess of blocks. It can be frustrating stuff but it’s always fair, combine all this with the ability to share your own Pullblox creations and you have one huge game that’ll never get boring. Oh, and I haven’t had the chance to try Fallblox, but I can assume that it’s another masterpiece if Pullblox is anything to go by.

3. Crimson Shroud

This is a fantastic example of E-shop providing platform for a type of game that the mainstream would ignore. Part of a videogame compilation on the 3DS that was published by Level-5, it’s the best of an eclectic bunch and one that RPG fans shouldn’t miss. It’s a very traditional adventure RPG that features systems like dice rolling and games of chance so it’s possible you may not feel in control at all times. It can be pretty irritating due to these chance elements and battles can go on for ages, but if you can stomach these flaws then you’re in for a huge treat.

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