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Eurogamer Expo 2012 has closed its doors for the year, boasting over 50,000 attendees, a brand new home console showing and almost every major upcoming release being playable. Over the next 2 weeks expect to see Previews and coverage of the latest and greatest titles from the Parable team!

Rayman Legends is the sequel to the critically acclaimed, gorgeous and charming Rayman Origins. Origins bought Rayman back to the forefront of platforming titles and proved that the genre can still provide an ample supply of “wow” moments to gamers. When it was announced that Legends was to be a Wii U exclusive launch title a host of concerns were voiced. “What if it’s full of gimmicks?”, “Will it live up the standards of the original release?” were among a multitude of issues raised in regards to the decision. The Parable team took a look into one of the Co-operative demos available for the title at the Eurogamer Expo and they’ve posted their own individual opinions on the Wii U exclusive title below.

Dan - I never really expected Rayman Legends to become a console seller for the Wii U, but in this case it may well be the game that makes me decide to purchase the console early into its lifecycle. After an uncomfortably long wait to get into the Wii U section and a disappointing session with ZombiU, I was feeling completely underwhelmed by the new Nintendo home console until we got the chance to pick up Legends for a test. I was absolutely blown away with how incredibly good the game was.

I began the co-op demo off in charge of the Wii U Pro Controller, which fits very snugly in your hands and is arguably one of the better modelled controllers of the last few console generations. This meant that I would be controlling the character while Rhys would be assisting me by utilising the Wii U Gamepad, so our Previews will be unique as we played from different perspectives. The world felt exactly like the earlier worlds in Rayman Origins: tranquil, charming and wholeheartedly a joy to see.

Teamwork and communication is key to getting the most out of Rayman Legends, as we quickly learned to our absolute excitement. I had to be constantly aware of my surroundings and what parts of it would be of use not only to me, but my partner of the Gamepad, while they needed to be constantly looking for things that could assist me in traversing  the area to its fullest. As an early example, while a hill looks like nothing more on my screen, it seems really out of place. A short call to my partner later and we’ve worked out that the hill can be moved on the Gamepad to reveal a secret area. The level was absolutely packed with imaginative co-op opportunities which allowed both players to feel important and have unique tasks in creating the harmonious experience.

There are some puzzles that make interesting use of the gyrometer inside the Gamepad, such as a rotating maze one player must traverse while the other tilts, which help to nicely break up the pace of the relatively laid back level. Speaking of pace, in the latter half of the level the tempo takes a complete shift to becoming something more in line with that we’d see in a Sonic title, with an excellent musical beat being kept up by the Gamepad player in order to keep the points flowing and not fall behind in forging ahead.

It was at this point that I swapped to control of the Wii U Gamepad for another taste of how the new input method works




Rhys- I have never been a follower of the Rayman series and I had no excitement for Rayman Legends release, as I felt no need to play it. It was in the que, at Eurogamer Expo, that I saw Rayman Legends being played and by simply watching it, I felt a necessity to play it. When Dan and I finally got our turn, after ZombiU, I was completely blown away with the gameplay, with my attitude towards the Wii U changing from how it was after the game before.

It was a co-operative demo so Dan and I both had the chance to play together, using communication and teamwork. Dan started off with the Wii U pro controller, where as I started with the Wii U gamepad, which was incredibly fun. The game pad was surprising very light and fitted into my hands nicely, and all the buttons were placed nicely so they can be reached with ease. Will using the gamepad it’s obvious that the touchscreen display is heavily used when playing on the Wii U and it was no different when playing Legends.

The use of teamwork that I touched upon earlier is important when playing Rayman Legends, as there are many things that I saw on the Gamepad that Dan couldn’t see on the screen. Teamwork and Communication was also key, as players can assist each other in taking down enemies, such to myself and Dan’s enjoyment, and getting through levels with the most points. The levels were filled with possibilities to gain points, and the teamwork aspect of Rayman came into play in every part of the demo. One example of finding a secret place subject to teamwork, was where I had to cut one rope, where a log was hanging up, for player two to climb up and jump to a platform, which revealed a secret entrance, filled with extras.

Traversing through the demo, Dan and I faced puzzles where teamwork was a must in order to get through. Puzzles within the game uses the Gamepads gyro-meter, which is used by tilting the Gamepad either way,  to help turn the things round, such as the Wheel Dan had to get through with me twisting it round. This was extremely amusing when I was watching people fail while I was in the que, but didn’t seem too difficult for Dan and I to navigate.

Half way through the level, after completing puzzles and finding secret areas, the music and game itself, started to speed up and this is where I swapped with Dan and took control of the Wii U pro controller, at this stage the game started to speed up much faster. Even Though I was only using a pro controller, which was based on previous console controllers, the games enjoyability didn’t change. The speed was comes from previous Rayman games but this time, the points come from both players,, which is why it’s key to communicate.

It was my job, with the Wii U pro controller, to navigate the final stretch by jumping with the correct timing, and punch through the bone walls in my path. The music and quick gameplay kept me completely engaged in the final travers of the demo. I completely enjoyed everything about Rayman:Legends and was completely blown away by how the game played out, with the use of the GamePad and the pro controller. After I played ZombiU I wasn’t looking forward to the Wii U, but after playing Rayman: Legends, I find myself wanting to buy the new console in order to play Rayman: Legends, I was that blown away.


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