Oktoberfist: Post Tournament Musings


Levelling up in fighting games is a slow, arduous process. Playing online doesn’t do much other than feed bad habits that perpetuate and manifest as bad offline play. At our Sunday sessions and the R.E.S.E.T tournament my game vastly improved over a very short period of time. However, Oktoberfist has been the single biggest learning experience in my time playing Street Fighter IV. Held in Dundee, the event featured three tournaments: Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. The turnout was very awesome, with tons of people showing up to involved in each tournament and to play some casuals on the 10+ set-ups that were around the venue. The simple fact there was so many set-ups already tells you the space was utterly gigantic. A huge hall within the Dundee university union, it had a stage-like area for finals and various other important matches, and these matches were streamed to a huge projector allowing everyone to sit back on the sofas and watch each match.

The reason that Oktoberfist was such a good learning experience was down to two factors: The Dundee scene (along with others who travelled there) are very knowledgeable about the game due to having a scene active for a fairly decent amount of time, so they are very strong players and when I was outplayed, I was given some friendly advice about how to improve my game. Losing a match is a double-edged sword then, as each loss brings a sharp, piercing blow to the self-confidence before allowing you to build upon that loss and applying the knowledge/advice after the fight. However, I played some of the best Street Fighter in my entire life during this tournament. A lot of my matches were very problematic for me due to the opponent’s favouring grapplers (Zangief and T.Hawk) as well as E.Honda which are rather good against Adon. This did give me a rare chance to fight against some incredibly high level play of these characters which is part of the reason I really valued my experience at Oktoberfist.

Here are some quotes from those who attended:

Finally home, had a fucking awesome time at Oktoberfist, the Giant Attack Dudes pulled off one hell of an event and shoutouts to all of you who brought games/equipment/hype off of your own back, shoutouts to the Dundee locals for turning out and supporting the scene and big shoutouts to everybody who travelled to Dundee great to see you all, was a stellar event made even better by everybody who attended. Great Games, Great Atmosphere and just a Great time =) – Christopher William “CJ” Robert Johnston

Oktoberfist was amazing, had a great time and ill hope to get more people from Aberdeen to pick up TT2 cause i loved it.
You did a fucking great job setting up all that up. – Andrew “Strong Fundamentals” Strang

First time ever being at a fighting game tournament and I have to say it was simply amazing. It was very well organised and I enjoyed every moment of it. I hope those who watched the live stream had a good time too. =) – Bryan Barbour Junior

And here are the results of each game:

SSF4 AE2012
1. Grahamne Muir
2. Colin Muir
3. Christopher William Robert Johnston

1. Craig Barclay
2. Luke Culbert
3. Hamish McInnes

Tekken Tag 2
1. Kenneth McDaid
2. Harvey Norman
3. Cameron Clark

The event was a total success for everyone involved. I’d like to just quickly say a huge thanks to everyone who made this event possible and to all the player who made is such an awesome spectacle to behold.

However, we’re already back to training into the small hours of the morning for Hypespotting 2013. March 30/31st in Glasgow, all the Scottish players will descend upon the Thistle Hotel to play even more tournaments with some stiff competition even emerging from the depths of England. It’ll be the toughest challenge yet for me and the rest of the R.E.S.E.T Aberdeen crew but we’ll be ready for it.

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