European Gaming League 8 – Call of Duty Roundup


Over the past weekend (October 13-14 2012) the 8th European Gaming League event was held alongside the Play Expo in Manchester. For those that don’t know, EGL is one of the largest Competitive Console Events worldwide, with around 1,000 players coming from around the world to compete on multiple titles for over £100,000 worth of prize money. This weekend we saw massive upsets and big plays aplenty and overall the event was a massive success with record viewing figures. Because Call of Duty is my main strength and interest, it was what I paid the most attention to and as a result what I’ll be posting about here, but you can easily look into the other titles at the event if you’d like to see what went down. Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach and FIFA were among the competitive titles on show besides CoD.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360)

OpTic Gaming were the favourites to win the event by an absolute country mile; they’ve never lost a LAN event on Modern Warfare 3 and are the back to back title holders at EGL, having never been taken to last map in a tourney before. They were such a dominant force on the title that nobody expected them to be beaten. As well as OpTic Gaming, 3 other top squads from the US made the trip across the pond to compete for the massive prize pool. Below I’ve posted the top 8 finishes from the tourney, along with their rosters and countries of residence.

1st: [IMG] TCM Gaming (Rich, Flux, Madcat, Josh)

2nd: [IMG] OpTic Gaming (Rambo, Scumpi, Merk, Bigtymer)
3rd: [IMG] EnvyUs (Twizzy, Parasite, Proofy, Dedo)
4th: [IMG] Prophecy (Jake, Swanny, Gunshy, Shane)
5th: [IMG] apeX.TKO (Killa, Phizzurp, TuQuick, Revan)
6th: [IMG] apeX.Razer (Tommey, Monksy, XLNC, Maxxie)
7th: [IMG] H2k.Razer (Realize, Chaos, LukeJS, Legend)
8th: [IMG] Leverage (Nadeshot, Aches, TeePee, John)

TCM managed to pull out all the stops in order to walk away with the win, being the first European team to win a major EGL event since the start of Modern Warfare 3 on the circuit. They originally lost to OpTic Gaming earlier in the tournament, which meant that upon meeting again in the finals TCM were to enter at a 3-1 deficit against OpTic. OpTic needed to win 3 maps to take the tourney while TCM Gaming needed to take 5, which they did so in style. The final score of the tournament was a landslide 6-2 victory to TCM Gaming, which was much closer than it seemed. Every map was a close affair and the entire set was one of the most tense and hyped up matches in Call of Duty eSports history as long term friends Josh and MadCat took away their first event win together.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Playstation 3)

The showing for Call of Duty on the Playstation 3 was much smaller than on Xbox 360, with 22 teams showing up in comparison to the 84 that turned up to compete on Xbox 360, but there was still some real competition at the event. The old dominant force on the console, RNX, were not in attendance at this event which left the doors open for new teams to enter the fray and try their hand for a shot at pole position. I’ve posted the top 8 team placements from the tournament below.

1st Fariko.Yang (Swet, JordanLies, Cooper, Vipez)
2nd CsC.eSports (Acid, McKeown, Micha, Explicita)
3rd Devious eSports (Pink, Reckz, Shaun, Pocket)
4th eQ.Ellie (Domm, Starry, Donsie, oLewis)
5theQ.4Bidden (Nexy, Ayjw, TBizzle, turdbandit)
6th Infested.Pro (Keane, Storer, Pred, Marky)
7th Epsylon.Burn (Nemo, Kudo, Spew, Diesel)
8th Gamoniac.MMG (Sousou, Getsom, Scream, Reeplaz)

Fariko.Yang were a real surprise for this event, as it was expectred that they would be unable to effectively perform under the pressure of LAN and were often branded as lower tier players that relied on connection advantages to compete at the top. Needless to say, they proved all naysayers wrong by winning the event.

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