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In just under a week, the Eurogamer Expo opens its doors once again at Earls Court in order to provide the masses of UK based gamers with a first glimpse and playtest at the majority of AAA video game releases over the next 6 months. Over the past few years the Expo itself has become one of the primary gaming events in the UK, allowing people to have cheap, central and high standard access to software showcases and test booths. It obviously proves a very attractive opportunity, due to the event managing to bring in over 30,000 guests per year.

The Parable team will be in attendance at the Eurogamer Expo next week, checking out all of the major upcoming releases, meeting with developers and taking in the atmosphere, as well as creating an absolute ton of content on the games. It’s our goal to give all of the viewers in depth first impressions of any and all of the AAA titles that you’re interested in, whether we feel the Wii U is worth the hype and the investment and which titles we feel are really worth your time and you shouldn’t let fall under the radar.

If you want to attend the Eurogamer Expo 2012 yourself there are still tickets for a few days and we’ll provide all the necessary information below in order to obtain them and know all you need to about the event itself. Be sure to keep checking the Parable site over the next few weeks for Previews on all the titles you’re excited about! We’re each writing a short piece on what we’re hoping for and looking forward to from the event below, too. Get hype.

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Find a schedule of all of the Developer sessions at the event here

Find a list of titles on the Show Floor

Dan: I’ve previously attended a Eurogamer event, in 2010, so I have a good idea of what I can expect from the Expo this year in terms of scale, queues and more importantly content, but I’m still extremely excited to get out there. While the atmosphere and people there can’t hold a candle to the feeling you get like attending a more competitive event such as, say, Insomnia Festival, the games that are available to play more than make up for any lack in the community aspect. If you’ve looked at the above list you can see that there’s a massive abundance of great titles being shown and being playable this year, as well as Nintendo’s new home console, the Wii U being playable.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is making a playable showing this year round, much to my great pleasure and no doubt to the chargrin of a large percentage of our readers. I’m expecting some nice prizes for the MVPs or players that stand out during matches (similar to that which we saw at the recent Gamescom event in Germany), so I’m not expecting to walk away empty handed.  As well as this, my main goal is to get a weighty playtest of the new Wii U console, which will hopefully help me to make a decision about whether I should pick one of the things up for its impending launch. Eurogamer is all about deciding whether things will be worth the investment come launch to me, so having checked out these two booths I plan on playing as many games as possible and forming  finalised opinions as to whether they’ll be finding their way onto my shelf come launch.

Regardless, it’ll be a great event and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into another event as press.

Rhys: I have never been to a gaming event before, so I imagine it’s a massive change in atmosphere from anything I’m used to. I’m excited for the opportunity to become a part of the parable team for the weekend; I can’t wait to put my PR capabilities to the test. I honestly don’t think I will sit down for a second, I’m sure I’ll be frantically running around just to play test games I have been eagerly anticipating.

Black Ops II is the game that I believe will have the most attention on it throughout the weekend, and its one game that I truly am looking forward to. The Call of Duty series hasn’t had a big change really since COD4 and that’s when the COD series really took off. Now Treyarch are doing a big change and I believe it’s really what the Call of Duty series needs. Surprisingly, another big game I am looking forward to is Halo 4. I haven’t played Halo since the first one was released but I’m so hyped for this next Halo, having seen the gameplay videos. Another game I have long been awaiting is Assassins Creed III. I have played every game in the series so far and believe the next game is going to top them all off.

Be sure to follow the Parable Twitter, @ParableGames for live updates from throughout the event!

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